Proof of Life

My daughter turned 1 last week, and we celebrated with family in fine fashion over the weekend.  We smashed cakes, ripped open packages, played with ribbons and paper instead of shiny new toys and, of course, broke for nap time.  And I captured it all on film –or, rather, a digital SD card.  I live for “Kodak moments.”  My husband glanced at a banner I made with monthly photos of our little girl, sitting in an oversized, red, cushy chair.  He looked at the ”see-how-I’ve-grown” pictures as if he had seen them for the very first time.  He probably had.  I don’t tell my husband everything I do, all the pictures I take or all the cute baby/kid ideas I have.  One, he wouldn’t be interested, and two, I don’t think most men “get it.”  My husband joked with me afterward that I’ve taken a million photos of our daughter.  As he put it, “She raises her hand for the first time, and you have to take a picture!”  I looked at him wide-eyed and open-mouthed, in mock offense.  “I’m not THAT bad,” I scolded.  (O.k., I’m ALMOST that bad.)  Then I added that the pictures I’ve taken haven’t been JUST of our daughter, but our daughter and her loving, big brother, our daughter with her adoring and sometimes silly daddy, our daughter with the rest of her family (a rare picture, for whatever reason) and our daughter with her somewhat-off-the-wall mommy.  Most of the last type tend to be self-portraits.  You know, when you hold the camera backwards at arm’s length to take a picture of yourself and someone else… because there’s no one else around to take it for you?  Yes, my freakishly long arms and I have mastered that technique.  The point is, I love to get beautiful little snapshots of our lives together whenever I can.  I shuffle through these pictures often; when I’m happy, when I’m sad or when I’m just trying to remember the look on my sweet baby’s face when she tried a pickle for the first time.  And when our kids get older, I hope they enjoy looking through these pictures as much as I do.  I hope they smile, and can see all the love and laughter that we all shared.  Because we’re truly blessed.  And I have the pictures to prove it.

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