Birthday Quandry

For as long as I can remember, I have always associated food –sweets, in particular– with celebration.  I’m not sure how anyone can avoid associating the two.  Consider this…  Wedding cake, birthday cake, graduation cake, retirement cake…  You see my point.  I’m pretty sure there are cakes for every celebration.  I’ve even stretched the whole “celebration theme” on occasion in order to camoflage my own personal desire for a tasty treat.  “Hey, it’s National Carpentry Day!  I should make a bundt cake!”  So, why am I agonizing over whether or not to bring a treat to school for my 8-year-old’s birthday this week?  For starters, I’ll admit the guilt that’s now crawling through my head after surfing the internet.  Silly me; I was simply searching for treat ideas.  Instead I found pleas for “healthy” or “socially responsible” alternatives for birthday treats and demands for acknowledgement and sympathy for those with seemingly rampant food allergies.  Please realize, I’m not making light of food allergies.  My nephew has a peanut allergy.  But at age 5, he already knows to ask before he eats or even touches food that his mother hasn’t put in front of him.  I also realize some allergies are so severe that even airborne “contaminants” can set them off.  That’s why I emailed the teacher to ask about any allergies in the classroom and if it would be o.k. if I brought in a treat.  The teacher listed one lactose intolerance, and said I could bring in anything but ice cream.  Whew!  Problem solved.  Here’s the bottom line…  my active little guy likes sweets.  I don’t allow him to indulge in them often, but he enjoys them occasionally.  And if he wants to share some yummy treats with his classmates on his birthday, why shouldn’t he?  After all, it is a celebration.